Home Improvement – Expectations vs. Reality

As a home improvement contractor I had to deal with many clients who found my work estimation inadequate and they argued that I fail to meet their expectations. Major point of disagreement is the time frame for the project and sometimes the problem is in the budget.

I have found that reality shows about home remodeling more than often hurt the contractors. There are some good things that came out of them, I can’t deny that. The most important thing that came out of the big number of successful home improvement and remodeling reality shows is the increase in the overall business.  More and more people are looking for the services of the home improvement contractors which are good for the business field.

But the problem that comes out of those shows is the expectations with which the clients are approaching to the contractors. Depending on the show the client has been watching he will be unsatisfied with certain details of the project. Some clients watch shows in which the remodeling or improvement of the home is done in very short time frame (but with large budget) and they expect similar time frame from the contractor as well. Once you give all the details to this kind of client he/she will argue that the time you need to finish that project is too long and that they think that it can be done in much less time.

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Some other clients watch shows in which the hosts use small. They will say that you are trying to rip them. Once you ask them how they came to that idea, they will say that similar project on “that and that” reality show had a lot smaller budget.


In majority of the cases the client will be unsatisfied with both the time required and the size of the budget.  Clients watch reality shows on this subject and they expect similar prices and time for their own projects. They don’t understand that it is not possible to finish a project as fast as it is done on those reality shows and to fit into the budget similar to those on the reality shows. Clients don’t realize that a lot of money must  be given to the subcontractors and that sometimes additional money must be spent on the special items that are required. They also don’t realize how much time is needed to get all permits and to fulfill all revisions for even a simple project.

But as I aforementioned, those reality shows have increased the number of people who seek the services of the home improvement contractors. They also give new ideas to the clients which means that more and more contractors have different types of work and the monotony of simple projects is therefore shattered.

As long as there is “home improvement” reality shows on the television people will come before the contractors with wrong expectations and as long as those shows run, contractors will have a lot of clients and a lot of projects, especially if you want to.